About Cheapoalert

All about us

CheapoAlert was a project that was launched in 2012. We are based out of Washington, DC. The advantages of living close to the nations capital are evident with our product choice and prices. We strive to please the most fashion savvy and budget savvy shoppers.

How it All began

The idea behind CheapoAlert came from a marriage of computer science and business. The creator has a degree in Computer Science and wholesale business experience. He wanted everyone to be able to get wholesale pricing on deals online without having to buy items in bulk.

What we live by

CheapoAlert allows customers to shop from the convenience of their homes. CheapoAlert is an online shopping haven, you can get killer deals right from your bathroom at low prices as low as 90% off retail (Sometimes even FREE during our giveaways)! We offer high quality products that are sure to satisfy every taste and lifestyle from a Toddler to his Granny. Our customer service agents are here to help, and we believe that you are our family; your problem is OUR problem!

We strive to offer the best products, low prices and the best customer service so you are sure to come back again and again.

We stand behind our word

We only sell items that we would buy ourselves. The authenticity of our products is vital to our business. We want a lifelong relationship and an incredible reputation. We are so sure we did our homework on finding retailers that we guarantee 100% authenticity of every product we sell!